Monday, March 24, 2008

In Response to Censorship, Responsibility, Self Esteem

In response to someone anonymous who commented on "Tits Up"; I was happy to see you leave a link and to hear comments from someone in the business (so to speak) of physicality.
I know of a young woman who is a dancer who spends the bulk of her money on clothes from VS ... more power to her - as long as this is what she choses to do - from an informed mind set.
I think you missed a bit of my point - most of my beef with VS is not that they sell a dream to those who can't get off without one; it's that the dream is being sold only to humans who like women. Women who like men can only have ribald "Fun" if they go to Chippendales? Where are the male eye candy in the store front windows, in "Fashion Shows", or on TV? If a male is shown in some sort of stage of undress, it is generally a joke aimed at his workman's smile.

I am pissed at what looks like backsliding to this old feminist.

No one ever said that this should not be allowed, or that should not be allowed. Isn't it misogyny to only find safety in the exploitation of women? Yeah, the old question always was and probably always will be: If the woman choses to exploit herself for money, isn't her own business? Yes, I say it IS her business - as long as it is her business alone, not that of her pimp. As long as she has explored her options and she feels that the occupation of sex worker is for her - then by all means - work away at an honorable and needed profession.
However, there is no balance to how our society views sex, gender and open minded pleasure. No, it is doled out by a culture that does so in a puerile fashion - giggly, behind the hands, look at me be "naughty", exhibitionism.
How droll.

RE VS: Someone is going to exploit those with low self esteem - it might as well be VS or someone else will or is already doing it too. The sad fact is that no one should be made to feel that they are less valued because of their body.

As my spouse always likes to say "There is an ass for every saddle".
If a person is concerned that they do not have a 'partner' who loves them, they must first examine who THEY themselves are before they can look for that partner who completes them.
Yes, you stated it; taking responsibility for being a WHOLE them and being happy with that whole person.

Not to change the subject, but yes, to change the subject:
Do you find that religion allows people to NOT be responsible for who they are - after all, no matter who they are or what they do, they have been 'saved'?