Thursday, July 29, 2010

Been awhile since I've had a rant......

Things I'm ranting about this season: Divisiveness amongst citizenry and how the media seems to ignore slander and libel. I'm just saying...: if I were Van Jones, I'd be suing for defamation, or libel or slander. Maybe he's got more heart than I, but he shouldn't have had to leave his post.
Water; yes, it is illegal to collect rain water in the state of Colorado (and some others as well). I sure hope that citizens of CO put out their rain barrels and someone tests this law in the courts. The day that this government, or any state, can claim to own the rain is the day that I decide it just may be time to leave the country.
Built in Obsolescence: sick and tired of making purchases that are crap and break. From Aveda products to appliances - everything is made in China where it seems no one cares how well something is constructed. $150 coffee makers that break after 4 months, water filtration devices that last about 60 days, clothing that comes ready to shred..... if a business wants my dollar, they best start paying attention to engineering. I can build better stuff in my basement with duct tape and bubble gum.
Speaking of duct tape, why didn't BP send down the robot army and wrap the wellhead with freaking duct tape? It probably would've worked better than heavy mud or tennis balls. And if you buy gas from BP stations, or any BP affiliated products, then you are responsible for dead seabirds, oiled coastlines, and burnt sea turtles.
Accept your responsibility or get real.
Citizens United vs Fed. Election Commission: yes, this ruling by Roberts' conservative and misleaded supreme court was heinous. May we mention a tiny bit of silver lining to that cloud? It's easier to sue a citizen entity than it is to sue a corporation. Now we just need someone with deep pockets to file the first suit.

Tea Partiers, (I do prefer Teabaggers, it suits them), are personal agenda idiots.
They either will find a common agenda, or they will go the way of the Indiana Republican primary: too many candidates for a game of musical chairs. No one wins.
And Sarah Palin: an artifice (to say the least) created to further her own ambition while using everyone and everything around her.

The weather: HAWT. We told you so.
Water: expensive enough for you yet?

USDA Organic Food Certifications and Organic Sugar: Buy local. Know your food producers - visit their farms, volunteer to help so you can see what they do.
The organic label means little these days, it can be bought just like every politician out there (with the exception of maybe Russ Feingold).
STOP CUTTING DOWN RAINFORESTS TO GROW ORGANIC SUGAR - we see you. And we don't want to hear about how your sugar plantations are helping the poor of south america.
They'd be helped more if they were shown that sustainability and eco-tourism pays more than does sugar.

Sugar laden soda, fast food taxes: PLEASE do tax soda and fast food. It does nothing for human health to consume these things and if the garbage food was more expensive than REAL, HEALTHY food, people would eat healthier. When soda and greasy burgers are cheaper than a pound of broccoli or a sack of tomatoes, its a sure bet that folks will be eating cheap. If we can create laws against adults smoking while citing the health of children, then certainly we can remove sugary drinks and snacks from schools. I pay taxes and am tired of seeing kids who are so heavy they can run and play like a child should.

Lastly, will everyone please stop talking about RACISM. It isn't just racism that is the problem, it is discrimination against the poor, the disenfranchised, and the ignorant. It is politics of gender too and if you think I'm wrong consider this:
since 2008 when the economy tanked, more men have lost jobs and have had longer unemployment times than did women. What does this say about employment? The Lilly Ledbetter equal pay for equal work act was long overdue. What we should've seen coming was the response of business to Lilly Ledbetter: fire the men who make larger salaries, hire more women (for lower start wages), wait until the men are really hungry and offer them jobs at wage women previously earned. Now everyone makes the same salary and no one got raises.
Thanks big business! We knew we could leave it to you!