Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mother's Day - A timely poem for those who aren't

mother's day

I would rather give birth
to Ideas than children.
Ideas never come back later
thinking that you owe
them something.
Ideas will wake you in the
middle of the night
and certainly, Ideas have been
known to keep you up all night;
an Idea never needs a
diaper change
breast feeding
An Idea never leaves you;
once you give birth to it,
it soars and blossoms,
like a flower, and hopefully
will never dessert you.
The same can not be said of children,
when the hormones move them,
are off, in their own direction.
An Idea never seeks therapy
for the lousy life
you gave it.
It matters not your age,
or the frequency with which you
give birth to ideas;
Ideas do not present hungry mouths
or need to be nourished on
Mother's Milk.
Multitudinous Ideas can not diminish stamina.
An Idea can not be lost,
turned against you,
used as pawn,
ask for money,
move back in,
use your credit card,
marry for spite,
do poorly in school.
A good Idea will never die!
nor will it bring you flowers on mother's day.


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