Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Universe, playing tricks of Irony

And to think, by the time Scott Brown appeared butt nekkid in Cosmopolitan, I had quit reading it because it had become insipid.
Yesterday, the universe decided to play the ultimate trick of irony on the millions of people who have waited years for better access to health care: a Republican actually took the state of Massachusetts' Senate seat. Kind of goes to show how narrow it is to think that it's always about "location, location, location". Although, even I was a bit surprised at the end to see that Boston isn't a Democratic town anymore. Nope, it won't be business as usual.

It is a blow to many who have waited patiently for regulation, or just access to health care, not to mention so many who will simply 'fall through the cracks' because their situation is not dire enough to 'merit' statistic. America routinely sacrifices its elders on the altars of youth; today, "retirement" is forced before access to Medicare is possible. With unemployment continuing to rise, fewer and fewer Americans will be able to afford health care just when they find they need it most.
If I believed in conspiracy, I'd be adding this one to the list. It all smacks of employers using ageism to oust workers, reducing health care costs, just at a time when the workers' health begins to decline.

And all because the FEW wish to control reproductive issues, keep their portfolios healthy with a still viable investment option, and, don't trust their government enough to submit to a plan instituted by same.

We can raise tens of millions of dollars for relief efforts in Haiti where the local government is all but invisible in the face of the disaster (and have let the people of Haiti down yet again); but we can not accept any change to our own tax status long enough to endow everyone in our own country with access to health care.

America is full of enigmas, not the least of which is its' citizens.

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