Tuesday, May 24, 2005

We know what you are Walgreens

Walgreens has decided that it will handle birth control for women in the following manner:

Some locations have decided that they will not carry or stock birth control pills, the birth control patch, or RU 486 for distribution to female customers. We are not talking about people who ask for these drugs on demand, but patients of doctors who have been given prescriptions for these drugs.

Some Walgreens stores have instituted a policy that they will allow their hired PHARMACISTS to deny a person their prescription because that pharmacist does not believe in birth control.

It seems to me as a FORMER stock holder of Walgreens that I do not wish to invest my money in a company that allows employees to dictate public policy or to deny the rights of patients access to prescriptions.

It also seems to me that Walgreens, who is known to have contributed a large percentage of cash to Republican coffers through PACs is trying to set legislative policy for the country.

After carefully reviewing my own stock portfolio, I had advised my broker to dump Walgreens in the dirt. I certainly can't get behind a company that can not control the actions of their employees on the job. As a savvy investor, I see Walgreens' move as a blow to the back of the knees, I have no confidence in a company which can't make up it's collective mind from day to day.
But mostly I am offended that Walgreens thinks it is perfectly moral to sell Viagra, Cialis and condoms to its male customers; and not all of the items above need prescription. Not only is Walgreens attempting to legislate morality, but it is discriminating against women.
I am not sure which issue I find more disgusting.
Pulling my receipts from year 2004, I realize that I had spent literally thousands of dollars on prescription drugs and toiletries at Walgreens. Well, not any more. Each penny I have to spend at a 'drug emporium" will be spent at a company which honors my and other women's reproductive rights.
I am happy to find that General Motors pulled Walgreens from their list of providers. Will you do the same? Please?
Don't let coprorate entities tell you how to live your life. Don't let corporate entities whittle away at gender equality issues that seemed settled years ago.

Demand that Walgreens' employees fulfill the duties of their accepted position; demand that your prescriptions be filled!

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Anonymous said...

its not the WALGREEN EMPLOYEES doin that its more the pharmaacy union that dictates and backs its pharmacists up WHEN THEY DONT wanna fill the script against religious beliefs..
If your gonna post something demeaning towards a copmany get the facts