Tuesday, January 03, 2006

VortexHost? I think NOT

So time for another rant about another company that makes promises it can not or will not deliver on.
This time I want to bash a bit on a webhosting group called VortexHost.
If anyone reading is unlucky enough to have a service agreement with this bunch of losers, I feel sorry for you.

On December 20 2005, I registered for service, or 'signed up' for service with VortexHost. In good faith I provided them with
personal financial information which was used to extract payment for the services I signed up for. Granted, this was not a
large sum of money. But it was money, my money to be exact, which by the way, I watch like the proverbial hawk.

The services I was signing up for was a basic webhosting service which was to accommodate the website which I and some friends were building for our eZine project ScribeSpirit. ScribeSpirit was due to launch it's new redesigned website on December 31st, a fitting start for the New Year.
After confirming my order, I heard nothing back from Vortex, but I passed on 'the keys to the kingdom' to ScribeSpirit's web development staff for the launch.

On New Year's Eve, just as we were beginning the launch process, it came to our attention that the services or "account" that I had paid for was not yet activated. For 11 days Vortex had my money yet provided no services. In a small panic, I contacted Vortex via email and support and asked them to activate this account. Now on New Years Eve the minds of most people are on one thing; party time! I expected the same from Vortex, but since this is a west coast based company, I thought perhaps they might not yet all be in a drunken stupor. I 'high priority' messaged Vortex and about an hour later received a message from someone with Vortex that they had not activated my account because they were waiting on a response to an email they said they had sent which indicated they could not give me a shell account with the services I purchased.

First of all I never received an email indicating that Vortex could not accommodate the needs of ScribeSpirit. Secondly, if they had my money and my order, why not activate the account and iron out the details later?

Needless to say, after much delay, the staff at Vortex was able to sneak out the new years eve door before activating the account.
When I say that I sent someone a nasty gram, I do not mean that I have cursed, made accusations or threatened ... I mean that I sent a message that left little doubt to my legal stance and the company's policies. I did sent a Jody nasty gram, but only after spending most of New Years Eve being frustrated by promises that had not been kept.

New Years Day I received my response from Vortex. I should add at this point that the person representing Vortex Services name is Justin Reel.
Justin coldly informed me that Vortex was unable to provide service for ScribeSpirit. He also informed me that he had deleted my personal information from Vortex system and also refunded my money.
As of today, VortexHost has not refunded my money and now face legal ramifications for their refusal to provide services while charging me for same.

Apparently they do not know the rule: Never piss off a writer. Or a person with a blog, website or public soapbox.

OF course, let me end by saying: all of the information provided in the above post is true and verifiable. And it is also my own opinions and beliefs. As an American citizen I am exercising my right to freedom of speech by expressing this, my opinion.

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